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30 Jan, 2010

Tim Tebow making a mistake with Super Bowl Ad?

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I hope Tim Tebow is simply being naive. His decision to participate in a controversial Super Bowl ad promoting an anti-abortion message isn’t the problem. Allowing himself to be used by an organization like Focus on the Family is.

Let’s be clear – I have no issue with the message of the ad.  I’m not afraid to have those with whom I disagree express their opinions. And companies such as CBS should be able to make their own business decisions. (Although businesses that use the public’s airwaves should be required to be consistent in their standards of what is acceptable. Which means that other “advocacy” commercials should also be accepted, if their backers can pay the tab.) I just wish that Tim Tebow had found some other sponsor with which to align himself.

I truly hope Tebow doesn’t subscribe to the virulent, hateful fundamentalism espoused by Focus on the Family. I’d like to think that he is fervent enough in his pro-life belief that he hasn’t considered the ramifications of associating himself with James Dobson’s intrusive, arrogant, judgmental, exclusive brand of Christianity.

I have been impressed with the fact that, unlike many evangelical Christians, Tebow has been content to let his actions be the best advocacy for his beliefs. His famous scriptural eye black encourages people to open the Bible without decreeing that all must read and believe as he does. He affirms his beliefs but he doesn’t spout off judgments best left to God. He may say “God bless” but he never credits his athletic wins to the Almighty. He takes his faith seriously and thoughtfully enough to realize that God has more important things to concern himself with than who wins a football game.

Tim Tebow seems to strive to lead a Christ-like life. He lives his faith and shares his faith without striking out at and excluding those who may not share his beliefs. Focus on the Family has scored a marketing coup by lining up one of the most popular sports figures today and pushing their message out on the year’s biggest sporting event. I find it painful to watch a young man whom I admire for his generous and loving spirit be co-opted by an organization that spews hate and judgment and whose leader asserts his personal worldview as  God’s will.

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2 Responses to "Tim Tebow making a mistake with Super Bowl Ad?"

1 | justsayinblog

January 30th, 2010 at 3:04 pm


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2 | daved

February 5th, 2010 at 9:58 am


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